Helm.ai Funding News: We raised $26M in new funding to hire new team members & expand our ADAS & L4 driving software! See more at CES 2022!

As VentureBeat just reported, we’re thrilled to announce that Helm.ai has closed $26 million in Series B funding! All our gratitude to both…

Helm.ai Raises $26 Million in New Funding

Series B round led by Amplo will support team growth and product expansion of its high-end ADAS and L4 autonomous driving software

Helm.ai, creator of next-generation AI software for autonomous driving, today announced it has raised $26 million in series B funding. This…

Ever stopped to wonder what the future of mobility looks like for humanity? Tune into the Accelerated podcast to hear Helm.ai CEO and co-founder Vlad Voroninski discuss that topic with host Vitaly Golomb. Here’s direct links to the episode:

We’re kicking off 2021 with a stunning showcase at CES 2021 and Helm.ai is in the cockpit

Another year, another exciting show lined up for CES.

CES 2020 served as the launchpad for a massive range of new and emerging brands, products and partnerships like never before. We enjoyed exploring…

Some exciting news!

Today we’re honored to announce Helm.ai has been named the ‘Autonomous Driving Solution of the Year’ by the inaugural AutoTech Breakthrough Awards program conducted by the Tech Breakthrough organization, a leading market intelligence and recognition platform for the most innovative technology companies in the world.

“Our Deep…

Helm.ai’s Deep Teaching methodology represents a fundamentally different approach to AI which extends well beyond its core use today in self-driving vehicles.

Helm.ai’s scalable approach to building AI software allows training neural networks on huge datasets without annotation or simulation, resulting in higher levels of robustness and generalization than achievable…


Helm.ai is building the next generation of AI technology for automation.

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