Helm.Ai Becomes First Company to Bring Home Two Awards at Tech.AD

We’re honored and inspired to keep going.

2 min readJun 25, 2020
Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

When it comes to autonomous driving and the AI software technologies that make it all go, we might be just out-of-stealth, but we’re still not much of a secret. Nearly since our inception, our Menlo Park (California) startup has been making the rounds at the award circuit with our groundbreaking neural network methodologies.

At the renowned autonomous auto conference Tech.AD Detroit, we were honored, and took home two awards: “Most Innovative Use of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in the Development of Autonomous Vehicles & Respective Technologies”, and the “Overall Community Choice Award.”

This was, amazingly, the first time that a company won two awards at Tech.AD. We couldn’t be more proud to be first, or of our team’s efforts to make this possible.

Using patent-pending unsupervised deep learning technology, we’re achieving breakthrough performance on industry benchmarks, which we continue to refine and improve, making this relatively new wrinkle in the autonomous marketplace a formidable force. If it feels like we’re starting with years’ worth of technological headstart, that’s because lapping the major players in the field has been our intent since the beginning.

Spearheaded by our CEO Vlad Voroninski, we’ve been rapidly ascending in the autonomous technology space, due to a complete reimagining of how AI software can scale AV safer and more cost-effectively than our competitors previously thought possible.

Helm.ai’s unsupervised learning methodology — called “Deep Teaching”— continues to evolve, and we expect our current and future breakthroughs to have substantial impact far-afield from autonomous driving.

Excited as we are to be recognized for our team’s ingenuity, excellence and collaboration, this still wasn’t the first time on the podium for us, either.

We were selected as the “Best Automotive Startup Using AI” at Automobility LA in 2017, as well as being the only autonomous driving company with one of the top 30 AI papers at NeurIPS 2018.

We’re honored and humbled, yet we’ve still only scratched the surface of what our software can do.

To see what else our award-winning breakthrough technologies are capable of, visit Helm.ai.




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