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It goes without saying, but it’s been a busy year for us here at Helm.ai.

We emerged from stealth in late March, with with investments from various notable venture capital firms and investors, followed shortly thereafter by the announcement of .

We joined other visionaries to discuss our perspective on Unsupervised Learning during , hosted a and to discuss how we’re training self-driving AI to be 100,000x cheaper.

We also revealed details of partnerships and collaborations with and that continue to allow us to drive AI development and innovation. Not to mention how we’re introducing Deep Teaching to markets outside of automotive, demonstrating how our technology can rapidly adapt to and accommodate diverse applications at events including , and .

Needless to say we’ve been busy, but we don’t anticipate our momentum slowing anytime soon. In fact — we’re just getting started. On that note, we wanted to invite you to join us during some of our upcoming engagements to connect with our team and learn more about the advances we’re making.

Here are just some of the upcoming events we encourage you to add to your calendars;

TMLS Annual Conference & Expo 2020

The Toronto Machine Learning Summit, hosted by the Toronto Machine Learning Society (TMLS), is a community with ~9,500 ML researchers, data practitioners, executives and entrepreneurs that work to promote and encourage the adoption of successful machine learning initiatives within Canada and abroad. This year’s event, held virtually from November 16–19 will feature a number of sessions and workshops that showcase the ongoing research and efforts of the ML community. Interested in joining us? Be sure to .

The Berkeley Tech Fair

Created by the student maker community at Cal, the Berkeley Tech Fair is UC Berkeley’s premier conference for disruptive technologies and products, providing a platform for students and startups that have emerged from UC Berkeley to showcase the innovative, disruptive solutions they’re developing to solve real-world problems. This year’s fully virtual event — TechFair 2.0 — expands on the momentum this event has built, expanding to include student makers from across the entire UC system. Tune in on Saturday, December 5 from 10am-5pm to check in with the Helm.ai team and learn more about innovations being explored by the greater UC student body.

NeurIPS 2020

Interested in getting the full download on some of our research? Then be sure to book your spot for NeurIPS 2020 and on theoretical guarantees for enforcing deep generative priors for sparse principal component analysis. We’ll be represented during this year’s show, held virtually from December 6–12, alongside a number of other companies and organizations delivering breakthrough research and solutions. Check out the schedule for the event and .

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