Honda invests in’s $30M Series B

We’re excited to announce that Honda Motor Co. has made an investment in’s $30M Series B financing, to strengthen the ongoing development of cutting edge artificial intelligence software.

We had previously announced our collaboration with Honda’s global open innovation program, Honda Xcelerator, back in August 2020, and had been taking part in this program since 2019.

Given the incredible success of that collaboration, Honda is investing in with the aim of enhancing value creation in the areas of intelligent mobility and artificial intelligence. This investment will accelerate the research and development of autonomous solutions for Honda that combine’s AI software with Honda’s technology.

Helm’s Exhibit at CES 2022 drew plenty of attention. Photo by Mike Boyd.

“Honda’s investment in is further proof that our scalable AI approach via Deep Teaching provides a unique value proposition to the future of autonomous driving and robotics,” said our CEO, Vlad Voroninski. “We are excited to be working alongside Honda to accomplish groundbreaking advances in the application of artificial intelligence to the automation of safety critical systems.”

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About is building the next generation of AI software for high-end ADAS, L4 autonomous driving and robotics. Founded in November 2016 in Menlo Park, CA, the company has re-envisioned the way AI software is built to make truly scalable autonomous driving a reality. For more information on, including its products, SDK and open career opportunities, visit or find on LinkedIn.



-- is building the next generation of AI technology for automation.

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