The Future of Autonomous Mobility Is Evolving Fast

We were already forecasting, and shaping, major shifts in our industry this year. See how COVID-19 is accelerating that shift even more.

The coronavirus pandemic, in addition to taking its exceedingly tragic human toll, is forcing our industry to face even more major, novel challenges. According to a recent McKinsey report, mobility solution companies can expect, and should prepare for, market consolidation, regulatory uncertainty, suspensions in technology development and testing, and significant changes in consumer behavior. Much of these changes were already in play, yet the pandemic hastened the pace of this evolution.

While coronavirus presents new obstacles and impediments for other startups and even some major players, it also presents new opportunities. In a few key precautionary ways, the market demand is accelerating and shifting heavily in favor of more autonomous mobility solutions.

To discuss the road ahead, we’re engaging in a panel discussion at SEMICON West, as part of a larger four-day event, July 22 at 10:30 a.m. PST. The conference, the 50th edition, will (virtually) bring together leading global microelectronics manufacturing and design professionals. This year’s featured keynotes include former US Vice President Al Gore, and current Applied Materials President & CEO Gary Dickerson, among many others.

We’ll join a panel of other Silicon Valley mobility startups and VCs, to talk about our innovations, experiences, growth opportunities, and pandemic-related challenges. Our CEO, Vlad Voroninski, will appear to give his insights on how we’re navigating through these globally turbulent times, and how we’re positioning ourselves for a better, more mobile future.

Other expert panelists include:

We’re thrilled and honored to share the stage with them, and offer our unique take. Stay tuned here for updates, or sign up to take in the conference from the comforts of your own home here. is building the next generation of AI technology for automation.