What to Expect As the Mobility System Transforms

Join us as we discuss the future of mobility at the Drive Sweden Forum

The global mobility industry is due for an exciting, turbulent future.

People and goods are about to engage in a transformational shift in how we get from point A, to point B, and beyond. Strategic innovation will be mission critical, and our Deep Teaching unsupervised learning methodology is that

Mobility solution companies can expect, and should prepare for, substantial market shifts, regulatory uncertainty, breakthrough technological development and application, and significant changes in consumer behavior.

New opportunities will necessitate the products of tomorrow, and the products of tomorrow will generate new opportunities. Market demand is accelerating and shifting heavily in favor of more autonomous mobility solutions. It’s a thrilling time to be at the vanguard of what lies ahead, shifting the way we move through the world.

To dive deeper into changes sweeping the globe, we’re engaging in an expert panel discussion at the , September 9, 2020. This will be the first virtual year of the summit, and the scope of discussion is more accessible and international than ever before. Insights from around the world, updates on important challenges and projects, and exciting new arrivals will make this an important, wide-ranging discussion.

Live presentations throughout the Drive Sweden Forum: Transformation of the Mobility System — A Global Challenge will include dispatches from Singapore, Europe and Silicon Valley, with discussions that will resonate across the globe. You’ll hear from our CEO, Vlad Voroninski, at 6:30 a.m. PST for the North America presentation, where we’ll join other industry leaders from focusing their developments on the US, Canada and Mexico.

We’ll talk about Deep Teaching, our breakthrough machine learning autonomous AI methodology, and go deep on how it fits into the larger mobility ecosystem and how it will shape the road ahead for our industry and for human mobility overall.

The agenda, and other guests on our panel, include:

  • Welcome back and introduction to the session, and , Drive Sweden
  • Insights into relevant developments in Silicon Valley and what the world needs to be prepared for in connection to the emerging transport system, , Founder, Emerging Transport Advisors
  • How the NGO SharedStreets in collaboration with cities and companies in North America are pushing digitalization of the curb through standardization and collaboration, , Public Sector Tech Lead, SharedStreets & Open Transport Partnership
  • Scaling up Drive Sweden projects internationally — Univrses introduces 3DAI in the US, , CEO Univrses
  • How can AI be an enabler for sustainable mobility, , VP Marketing & Alliances, Ridecell, , CEO Helm.ai
  • Fostering innovation through collaboration — The Drive Sweden SME platform, , Business Sweden

We can’t wait for you to join us, from wherever you may be tuning in. and we look forward to a fascinating global discussion.

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